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“Everything we need we will find in ourselves. Exceptionally vivid, with a practical orientation and a strong focus on implementation, Astrid Posner’s book shows how to unearth your treasures in daily life.”

Eva-Maria Zurhorst


A much sought-after speaker, Astrid Posner inspires her audience and gives tailor-made lectures geared to fit any audience on topics such as leadership, status and communication. As an expert for corporate communications, coach, trainer and successful television actress she excels in bridging the gap between theory and practice. And with a great sense of humour she gently leads her audience directly into the centre of the volcano.

Extract of the most popular topics
  • Empowered to act. In whatever way and whenever you choose: We show you how to be in control of the status game in communication, as it will allow you to expand your range of options. Become an expert in status. Learn why it is important to know your preferred communication status and how to play with raising or lowering your status in order to win the game.
  • Authentic me. How to master every situation with confidence: Whether you give a presentation or want to make a sale – situations like these may push you out of your comfort zone. We will equip you with the skills how to create confidence in yourself and to see these situations as a positive challenge. You will learn how to use your authenticity to turn uncomfortable situations into comfortable ones that lead to success.
  • Leadership Makes Sense – Understanding the Power of Leadership. The art of communicating your visions effectively and empower and mentor subordinates while keeping your team highly motivated is often the art of what is possible in the process of strategic communication management. We show you how to succeed. Good leadership is an exception not the norm.
  • The Power of Living in the Present Moment: Stop your mind from spinning and become an energetic leader who inspires others to realize their full potential.
  • Emotional Leadership: What neurobiology tells us about emotions and how to use them effectively to be an engaging and empathetic leader. 
Smart Ahead

You are in control: Confidently expressing your point of view without risking professional relationships; making yourself visible and being appreciated by others without getting tangled up in power struggles; leading effectively without wearing yourself out. The secret lies in dealing with your personal status. Learn how to use these dynamics for yourself and become a status player – a simple way to be even more successful.

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In mir steckt noch viel mehr

In the coaching handbook “In mir steckt noch viel mehr” (www.amazon.de ) Astrid Posner explains how your communication status and your self-effectiveness are related to each other and how to confidently master every situation through status flexibility.

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